Our Quartets

North Star Chorus members also sing in some great quartets. These quartets are available to perform in both private and public venues. If your next event would be enhanced by some intimate four-part harmonies, have a look at our quartets:


St. Croix Crossing

St. Croix Crossing is proud to represent the North Star Chorus whenever and wherever it performs. The group entertains audiences primarily across Minnesota and Wisconsin with their wit and spirited renditions of great barbershop songs, pop, gospel, and country tunes. They are the Barbershop Harmony Society's  2018 International Senior Quartet Champions! For bookings and more information, visit their website at www.prettygoodquartet.com. You can also find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/scxbq.

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Note'orious Quartet is made up of 4 guys that belong to the Greater St. Paul Area Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. They have well over 101 years of Barbershopping experience singing experience. They have been singing together for over 10 years and have frequently qualified and competed in quartet competitions. In 2013 they were honored as the Senior LOL District Quartet Champions. From the left and clockwise are Duane Rygg - Baritone, Ron Riley - Lead, Grant Warning - Tenor, and Steve Zorn - Bass.They are available for chapter shows, weddings, birthday parties, parades, senior homes, and other special events.

Contact Ron Riley at 612 670-9668 or email at rileyrf275@outlook.com.






Past Quartets of Note

Happiness Emporium (1975 International Champions)

Vocality (2007 LOL District Champions)

Tune X 4 (2004 LOL District Seniors Champions)

Nouveau (2003 LOL District Champion)

Esprit de Corps (1989 LOL District Champions)

Northern Comfort (1986 LOL District Champions)

Class Reunion (1983 LOL District Champions)

Little Rascals (1981 LOL District Champions)



Gold Rush


Vintage Years

Harmony’s Inn

Night Howls

Premium Blend